New Contact Email

Eeeee!! So I am really excited about this cause I figured out how to do it myself... I set up a new email address with my website domain name :D

The new email address is and all inquires about booking can be sent there.

<3 Sarah Ann, photog


New hair... new hair... new hair... :D

Changes are a necessary part of life and I've been going through a ton lately, so I decided to add one more to my list... NEW HAIR. 
I have never gone this light before and I love it.

On top of changes to my looks, I've had relationships change and my work life change. I am slowly beginning to realize things need to change as I grow out of them. With my photography business becoming bigger than ever... I have to start letting other projects go. I've been stretching myself too thin. This isn't a bad thing at all... in fact I think it's great!! I am getting so much closer to realizing my dream of making a living off of what I love... photography. In the coming months, I will be making an even bigger change in my life... perhaps the biggest I've faced so far. I'm excited for the challenges that are to come and can't wait to let everyone in on the details.

This week is already packed full of amazing shoots. I have a senior portrait shoot scheduled for Thursday with twins, Jessica and Jordan. And then on Saturday... I get to photography the lovely Danielle, again, but this time we are adding in her fiancé, CJ!!! I've had such a blast working with Danielle and I am completely honored to be the one photographing her engagement shoot... and hopefully her wedding!!! :D

I can't wait to share the photos and the journeys coming my way.

Thanks so much for reading,
<3 Sarah Ann, photog

Invincible | Editorial | Danielle

These past few weeks have been completely bonkers, but I managed to find some solace in working on this shoot with Danielle.
I was originally inspired by my senior portrait shoot with Blake to do an entire shoot at a parking garage. Random location... I know but I just couldn't resist how gorgeous the lighting is. We had so much fun and spent over two hours using this one parking garage structure as our photography playground. Sadly, Danielle is moving back to her hometown in May, but hopefully this won't be our last shoot together. Working with her over the past year or so has definitely helped me gain confidence in myself and my photography. It's going to be sad to see her go. But I have her engagement photo shoot to look forward to next weekend!! Post on that to come :D
Check out the images from our parking garage day below.


I have a senior portrait shoot (well technically two cause they are twins ANDDDD Danielle's engagement photos with CJ planned for next week. I also have a super special 52-weeks photo planned that may or may not come along with a speed-edit video (hint... it does).

If you'd like to book a shoot of any kind, shoot me an email at I'd love to hear from you :)

<3 Sarah Ann, photog

Courtney | 2014 Senior

Last week, I got the chance to photograph Courtney's senior portraits. She was so much fun to work with. She even braved the tangled mess of sticks, leaves and spider webs for me at Lovers Key State Park to get the PERFECT shot. 
Check out all the gorgeous photos from our shoot below.

I still have openings for senior portraits sessions. If you're interested in booking a shoot, please email me at

And don't forget to like my Facebook page to receive all my latest photography updates :)

Sarah Ann, photog <3


32/52 Untitled

Earlier this week, I took a sick day. Strep throat... it gets me every year.
Instead of doing nothing, I decided to do a quick self portrait.

Below are my before and after :)

Enjoy :)
Sarah Ann, photog <3

Matthew | 2014 Senior

This is from another senior portrait shoot I did on the same day as Blake's shoot. Matthew and his family were such a pleasure to work with. We started out doing individual portraits of Matthew and then ended up taking some nice family portraits of him and his older siblings. Our location was the picturesque scene of Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island. I had to wake myself up extra early so we would make sunrise - it was a well worth me sacrificing a few hours of sleep :)
Below are some of the photos from the shoot.

It was such a great day with an amazing group of clients.
If you're interested in booking a shoot, please email me at for info on my rates.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Crooks :)

Blake | 2014 Senior

On Sunday, March 9th, I had the opportunity to photograph Blake's senior portraits. We had a great time exploring our amazing location - Downtown Fort Myers. I also got the chance to try something I've wanted to do for a while now... UNDERWATER PORTRAITS. Andddd they turned out AMAZING!! It was only fitting that I use Blake as my underwater guinea pig, he's an amazing swimmer!! Check out the photos from our day below.


I have another senior portrait shoot to share later this week. As well as a surprise, secret shoot I did and I will be beginning a "My Week In Photos" series this week.

I can't wait to share them all with you.

Also, if you're interested in booking  shoot, please send me an email at with info on the kind of shoot you'd like. Photo packages begin at $80.

That's all for right meow,
Sarah, photog <3

Enchanting 31/52

I've been really inspired by princesses and fairy tales lately (hint... hint...). This photo shoot wasn't for a particular fairy tale but represents the over all feeling of fairy tales in my mind.

Below are some outtakes from my shoot. I hardly ever get the chance to share the other images that I capture. I have so many images on my external hard drive that no one but myself has seen. Being able to have a place to share these additional images without spamming social media feeds is yet another reason why I am so excited about this blog. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.


I had a lot of fun playing off of the fairy tale idea, expect more fairy tale photos in the near future - maybe even a series (hint.. hint...). For my next big edit I'm thinking about creating a speed edit video. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to do that by the end of the month.

If you're interested in collaborating, booking a shoot, or just want to chat, send me an email at I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading <3

Sarah Crooks

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Four Eyes 30/52

I am getting back into the swing of things after moving to a new house and re-branding my marketing materials. I finally got around to taking another photo for my 52-week project. For the photo I decided to do a photo commemorating my new glasses. Having glasses is absolutely amazing, especially for my photography. My eye sight was getting to the point where I wasn't able to see enough to manually focus for my images. You could see how this was a bit problematic. 

The image is entitled Four Eyes 30/52. I used my normal set up - tripod, remote, Canon Rebel xTi. I didn't use natural light for this shot. I have been experimenting a bit more with the soft box I ordered. The background is my newly painted bedroom wall. I'll start taking set up shots for my portraits, cause I like seeing how other photographers work. I think it's interesting to see how others work.


I have some shoots booked for the next couple of weekends - Senior Portraits and a Baby Announcement. I can't wait to share the photo stories from these shoots with all of you.

If you're interested in collaborating, booking a shoot, or just want to chat, send me an email at I'd love to hear from you.

Sarah Crooks

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New Website Launch

This past week, I've been spending a TON of time updating all of my marketing materials (business cards, rate cards, Facebook cover photos, etc). While updating everything, I took a look at my old website and it was not really up to par with my current photography style... hence the website update.

Old website (left); New and Improved website (right)

And the best part is that I now have this blog directly on my website so I'll be able to update friends, family, clients and potential clients on my photography adventures. I want to share my journey with all of you.

I have so many shoots planned in the coming weeks and I cannot wait to share the photos with everyone. I will also be launching a new photography project that has been YEARS in the making for me. I just need to get some cards printed for it and it will be all ready.

Thanks for believing in me and my photography,

Sarah Crooks

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