I feel like one of the curses of being an artist is constantly feeling like you need to improve your work. This is why spring cleaning is such a task for me. I've been going through my old archives and revisiting a lot of my past work. While doing this, I found an old shoot that I did with a model, Danielle, and instantly fell in love with the images all over again. So naturally, I had to reprocess everything and then refrain from posting a bajillion of the images on Instagram.

I also love how this process showed me that how much my photography style and taste has changed over the years. Half of these images have never been processed because I thought they weren't good enough but now, I love love love them all. It's crazy how you can see something after so many years and feel the need to share them all over again. Below are all the images, I hope you all love them as much as I do <3



Sarah Ann, photog