Kaylee and I had so much fun wandering around Downtown Winter Park just to take gorgeous photos. This was our first shoot together and I can honestly say that I cannot wait for the many more to come!

During our shoot, I experimented with a technique that I discovered by reading Ben Sasso's blog, using a Ziploc bag to cover a part of your lens while shooting. I only had the ability to use it in soft diffused lighting, but I love the effect it has on photos and cannot wait to use it in further shoots!!

I'll be posting a before and after photo edit post later this week with a couple of the photos from this shoot. To end, here is a photo of my cheeky little cat, Lionel Cooper. He loves to help me edit photos and work on my website. Share pics of your pets helping you create in the comments below!!

Until next time,
xoxo, Sarah Ann, photog