Jesse, Danielle & Aiden | Baby Announcement & Family Portraits

AHHH!! I am so excited to share these photos. I've been chomping at the bit waiting to share them with everyone. These are their announcement photos so everything was very hush hush for a while... and if you know me at all you'd know I am the most IMPATIENT person on the planet. So not sharing these was very difficult for me. But I am so very very very excited to share these with everyone!! :D
Back in February, one of my best friends, Danielle (Forever & Always <3<3<3), told me some amazing news - she was pregnant! I was so honored by the fact that she told me before letting everyone know... when she asked me to take the baby announcement photos, I was BEYOND excited!!!!
We did the shoot on March 30th at Lakes Park in Fort Myers. We had originally scheduled the shoot for the day before but it was one of those mucky, rainy Florida days. Luckily, the 30th was a gorgeous day! Nice and cool. It was another early morning shoot. We wondered around the park for an hour or so looking for the best lighting and locations.
I am so happy with how these images turned out and even MORE happy and excited for Danielle, her husband, Jesse, and her son, Aiden. They are such an ADORABLE family and I can't wait to take photos of the new little baby peanut. 
Congrats you guys!! <3


Congrats to Danielle and her beautiful family! I can't wait for baby shower, newborn and all the other incredible photos to come :) 

If you're interested in booking a shoot, please email me at for more info. I look forward to hearing from you.

<3 Sarah Ann, photog