New hair... new hair... new hair... :D

Changes are a necessary part of life and I've been going through a ton lately, so I decided to add one more to my list... NEW HAIR. 
I have never gone this light before and I love it.

On top of changes to my looks, I've had relationships change and my work life change. I am slowly beginning to realize things need to change as I grow out of them. With my photography business becoming bigger than ever... I have to start letting other projects go. I've been stretching myself too thin. This isn't a bad thing at all... in fact I think it's great!! I am getting so much closer to realizing my dream of making a living off of what I love... photography. In the coming months, I will be making an even bigger change in my life... perhaps the biggest I've faced so far. I'm excited for the challenges that are to come and can't wait to let everyone in on the details.

This week is already packed full of amazing shoots. I have a senior portrait shoot scheduled for Thursday with twins, Jessica and Jordan. And then on Saturday... I get to photography the lovely Danielle, again, but this time we are adding in her fiancé, CJ!!! I've had such a blast working with Danielle and I am completely honored to be the one photographing her engagement shoot... and hopefully her wedding!!! :D

I can't wait to share the photos and the journeys coming my way.

Thanks so much for reading,
<3 Sarah Ann, photog