Invincible | Editorial | Danielle

These past few weeks have been completely bonkers, but I managed to find some solace in working on this shoot with Danielle.
I was originally inspired by my senior portrait shoot with Blake to do an entire shoot at a parking garage. Random location... I know but I just couldn't resist how gorgeous the lighting is. We had so much fun and spent over two hours using this one parking garage structure as our photography playground. Sadly, Danielle is moving back to her hometown in May, but hopefully this won't be our last shoot together. Working with her over the past year or so has definitely helped me gain confidence in myself and my photography. It's going to be sad to see her go. But I have her engagement photo shoot to look forward to next weekend!! Post on that to come :D
Check out the images from our parking garage day below.


I have a senior portrait shoot (well technically two cause they are twins ANDDDD Danielle's engagement photos with CJ planned for next week. I also have a super special 52-weeks photo planned that may or may not come along with a speed-edit video (hint... it does).

If you'd like to book a shoot of any kind, shoot me an email at I'd love to hear from you :)

<3 Sarah Ann, photog