Trina+Terry | Central Florida Wedding

I met Trina and Terry at a local Starbucks to hear more about their special day. The wedding they described to me was a small intimate wedding to celebrate their love in front of family and friends, and their wedding was exactly that! Even better, it was two days before my birthday :) Talk about best birthday present ever!! I love small intimate weddings like this one because they truly showcase that weddings just need to be about the couple and their love.

Trina and Terry didn't need all the bells and whistles to celebrate their love. They had a simple ceremony at a local church and then finished off the night with a quaint reception at their favorite restaurant. I'm so happy I was able to be there to capture one of the biggest moments of their lives.

Check out images from their day below.


Sarah Ann :)

Just Wait For IT!!

Phew, it's been an interesting couple of months and now I'm so glad to be back in the saddle. I've had so many gorgeous sessions over the past few months and I cannot wait to share them all :) I'll be posting new images here at least once a week (I want to post them ALL but I'm practicing a bit of patients ;) ). Be sure to stop by and check out all the work I've been up to recently.

Much love,
Sarah Ann <3

Karina+Mitchell | Largo Wedding

Posting two days in a row?!?! What are we in the twilight zone? ;)
Karina and I went to high school together. When she asked me if I'd be available for her wedding date, I immediately said yes! Karina had one of the most beautifully designed weddings that I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. Every detail was so perfectly arranged down to the adorable hand written place cards. The venue, Largo Central Park, was absolutely stunning. And the weather could not have been more perfect. Thankfully during bridal shots, we had access to a golf cart - made that point of the session much easier. I've been so excited to share these images with you all. By far some of my favorite photos that I've taken to date. Check out the details from Karina and Mitchell's beautiful day below.


so many happy memories from this beautiful day. I feel so blessed to know that each couple I photograph trusts me to capture the moments of one of the biggest days of their lives and that is exactly why I am a photographer. Documenting memories is what I live for and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this year has in store.

Sarah Ann, photog


I feel like one of the curses of being an artist is constantly feeling like you need to improve your work. This is why spring cleaning is such a task for me. I've been going through my old archives and revisiting a lot of my past work. While doing this, I found an old shoot that I did with a model, Danielle, and instantly fell in love with the images all over again. So naturally, I had to reprocess everything and then refrain from posting a bajillion of the images on Instagram.

I also love how this process showed me that how much my photography style and taste has changed over the years. Half of these images have never been processed because I thought they weren't good enough but now, I love love love them all. It's crazy how you can see something after so many years and feel the need to share them all over again. Below are all the images, I hope you all love them as much as I do <3



Sarah Ann, photog


Lindsey + Jake | Central Florida Wedding

It has been FOREVER since I've posted on here. I'm finally getting around to sharing my recent shoots.

This particular wedding I am very excited to share. As many people know, I am OBSESSED with animals, and I got to photography a wedding at the Central Florida Zoo. It was like a dream come true. Lindsey and I went to high school together, it seemed like fate that I got to photograph her big day.

Congrats to the lovely couple! It was such a honor to witness and capture your love!


This was by far one of the most unique weddings I've ever photographed! And it was a great way for me to end the wedding season of 2016. I cannot wait to see what 2017 has to offer!!!

I still have a few dates open for 2017 weddings. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Much love,
xxx Sarah Ann, photog


Kaylee and I had so much fun wandering around Downtown Winter Park just to take gorgeous photos. This was our first shoot together and I can honestly say that I cannot wait for the many more to come!

During our shoot, I experimented with a technique that I discovered by reading Ben Sasso's blog, using a Ziploc bag to cover a part of your lens while shooting. I only had the ability to use it in soft diffused lighting, but I love the effect it has on photos and cannot wait to use it in further shoots!!

I'll be posting a before and after photo edit post later this week with a couple of the photos from this shoot. To end, here is a photo of my cheeky little cat, Lionel Cooper. He loves to help me edit photos and work on my website. Share pics of your pets helping you create in the comments below!!

Until next time,
xoxo, Sarah Ann, photog

Al, Heather, Mary Alice + Serenity

I have had the pleasure of photographing this family since before Serenity was born. I've got to watch her grow up throughout our shoots over the years. She has such a little personality now, I love it!! This shoot was at one of my FAVORITE locations, the Six Mile Cypress Slough! We had so much fun running around the slough's boardwalks, following the star of the day's show... Serenity :)

Enjoy some of the photos from our day below :)
Sarah Ann, photog

Jessica, Nathan + Allie | Family Portrait Session

Hunting for shells, writing names in the sand, running through the water... this session had the makings for a great family day at the beach and ohmygoodness did it make for some stunning photos! 
Sarah Ann, photog


Shawn & Hailey | Surprise Paris Engagement

This past July, I took the trip of a lifetime. I traveled from Miami, across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris  the City of Lights. The whole reason we traveled over there (Westin and I) was to witness his sister, Hailey, get engaged to her boyfriend (now fiancé), Shawn. It was such a magical experience that I will never ever ever forget.

Congrats to Shawn and Hailey! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an amazing occasion. I wish you both all the happiness in the world :)

Below are the photos from the surprise of the century. I'll write another post with all my random wandering around photos :)

And one extra one not from the engagement, but an adorable one of Westin with his sister. 

So much love can be seen in all of these photos. It was seriously the best week of my life and I cannot wait to go back and take more gorgeous photos... Maybe I already have trip in the works ;)

Much love,
Sarah Ann, photog

Julie & Casey | Wedding Photographer

On January 31st, I got to photograph the wedding of such a lovely couple: Julie and Casey. They got married at Lovers Key State Park in a gorgeous sunset beach ceremony. I am so completely in love with the photos from this wedding. 

Thank you so much Julie & Casey! It was such an honor to photograph your wedding. :)
And thank you so much to everyone viewing my images, your support means the world to me!!
Much love,
Sarah Ann, photog

Please email me at if you are interested in booking a photo session of your own.

Danielle, Jesse & Aiden | Maternity Photography

I've been a real slacker lately when it comes to sharing my images... These photos are of a really good friend of mine, Danielle, and her family. I had such a great time photographing her for her maternity shoot and cannot wait to photograph new born princess Ava, who was born today!! Happy Birthday Ava!!!! <3 She's such a gorgeous baby and I am seriously counting the seconds until I get to meet her.

I head back to Fort Myers tomorrow to photograph her!!! Figured I should share the maternity photos before taking her newborn ones lol :)

Check out the images below. 

Much love,
Sarah Ann, photog <3

Ashley | Portrait Photography

I've had these photos finished for AGES, but getting settled in Orlando has consumed most of my time. I finally have a moment to relax and by relax I mean catch up on updating my website lol

But any who, before I left, I had an amazing photo shoot with a gorgeous client of mine, Ashley. We did her shoot early morning at one of my favorite locations, the Six Mile Cypress Slough. And let me tell you, the lighting there is just as gorgeous in the morning as it is in the evening.

We had a great time wandering around and took so many gorgeous photos!! Check them out below :)

I'm also running a special on Winter photo sessions :) perfect for holiday family photos!! :D
Call me (239.240.1404) or e-mail me ( if you're interested in booking a shoot.

Much love,
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43/52 Sail Away (with speed edit)

I'm nearing completion of my 52-week project... THANK GOODNESS. It's taken me wayyyyy longer than it should have. I'm hoping to have it finished before I move to Orlando so I can do a 365 project for the first year I'm up there. Any who, see my week number 43 photo below. I also made a speed edit video for this photo too. I'm absolutely obsessed with making speed edits.

Thanks for reading/watching :)

<3 Sarah Ann, photog


So it has been ages since a posted, a lot has been going on and I've definitely been keeping myself busy with my photos. I'm almost finished with my 52-weeks project. Thank god!! I've already dragged it on for longer than I've needed to but life sometimes gets in the way of creating a gorgeous image. Anywho, my plan is to have it finished before August 9th.

Why August 9th? Welp, this is where the big news comes in. On August 9th, I will be moving to Orlando!! :D 

I've known about moving for quite a while, but I've mostly kept it to myself for job reasons and such. But now, I can finally share this news with everyone. I'm moving because I've been accepted into the Biology program at the University of Central Florida.

I cannot wait to begin this next phase in my life. And to share my journey with all of you, I am going to be starting a 365 project to document my entire first year of experiences in Orlando. To keep updated on everything and to make sure you don't miss a single shot, you should like my Facebook page :)

Thank you everyone for your continued love and support, I am definitely going to need it as I make this next huge step in my life.

Much love,

Sarah Ann, photog

 36/52 Changes - taken at the UCF Reflecting Pond

36/52 Changes - taken at the UCF Reflecting Pond

Joelle & Dylan | Engagement Session

On May 4th, I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely couple, Joelle and Dylan. I went into the session thinking it would be just like any other engagement shoot and boy was I wrong. I arrived at our location, The Edison & Ford Winter Estates and spotted the fantastic couple. When I saw their outfits, I nearly jumped for joy. Joelle and Dylan had gone all out for their 1920s theme. They seriously looked like they had stepped out of The Great Gatsby. I love it when my clients dress up in themed clothes for their shoots.

I had so much fun exploring our location, we had after hours access to the Estates property. It is one of my favorite locations to shoot at, so let me tell you this was an photographic dream come true for me. We had so much fun and I got to learn about this couples' adorable love story. Check out some of the photos from our day below.


If you're interested in booking a shoot, please send me an email at I currently have a special running on sessions booked in June or July . Call or email me to learn more about booking a shoot (promo info below).

Much love,

Sarah Ann, photog <3

Danielle & CJ | Engagement Session

On April 26th, I had the honor of photographing the lovely Danielle (whom you all should recognize from past shoots) and her fiancé, CJ. We went down to Lovers Key Beach in Fort Myers. The setting for the shoot could not have been more perfect. We had such a great time wandering the beach, avoiding the stone crabs and weird squishy slug things while taking photos and popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate the day. I am so in love with the photos from this session and am glad that I can share a little bit of this amazing couple's love story with you all.
Check out the photos from our session below :)

If you're interested in booking at shoot, send me an email at and be sure to check out my Facebook page for my latest photo projects and monthly pricing specials.
<3 Sarah Ann, photog

Jessica & Jordan | Class of 2014

On Thurday, April 24th, I had the honor to photograph twin girls for their senior portrait session. It's crazy because I have known these girls for at least six years... it makes me feel old :(
We had a great time exploring their location, Lighthouse Beach, up until the no-see-ums attacked... Those little bugs always find a way to infiltrate my beach shoots.
I'm very excited to share all the GORGEOUS images from our day :)


I have now started booking for Class of 2015 seniors. Send me an email if you are interested in booking your own shoot,

I will soon be sharing my photos from the engagement session I had with Danielle and her fiancé, CJ.
Sarah Ann, photog <3

Ilma, Domas & Matas | Family Portraits

Studying for exams has pushed some client work to the back burner :( 
I decided to take a break from studying (my brain is about to burst), to share a family portrait session I did on April 12th. Our location was the Six Mile Cypress Slough (ONE OF MY FAVORITES) and it was a gorgeous afternoon. What's so great about this location is that with all the trees I can shoot during the middle of the day and not have to worry about ridiculously harsh shadows. While we were there, we saw tons of wildlife, including a snake eating another snake... which was really gross. 

Grossness aside, I had a great time exploring the slough with this family. And little Matas, did not enjoy having his photo taken... this is my favorite with kids. I just let him run around and go crazy. I captured some really amazing images of this little man and his lovely parents and grandma. 

See some of the photos from our day below :)


To book a shoot, send me an email at for info on my rates. I look forward to hearing from you.

<3 Sarah Ann, photog

Jesse, Danielle & Aiden | Baby Announcement & Family Portraits

AHHH!! I am so excited to share these photos. I've been chomping at the bit waiting to share them with everyone. These are their announcement photos so everything was very hush hush for a while... and if you know me at all you'd know I am the most IMPATIENT person on the planet. So not sharing these was very difficult for me. But I am so very very very excited to share these with everyone!! :D
Back in February, one of my best friends, Danielle (Forever & Always <3<3<3), told me some amazing news - she was pregnant! I was so honored by the fact that she told me before letting everyone know... when she asked me to take the baby announcement photos, I was BEYOND excited!!!!
We did the shoot on March 30th at Lakes Park in Fort Myers. We had originally scheduled the shoot for the day before but it was one of those mucky, rainy Florida days. Luckily, the 30th was a gorgeous day! Nice and cool. It was another early morning shoot. We wondered around the park for an hour or so looking for the best lighting and locations.
I am so happy with how these images turned out and even MORE happy and excited for Danielle, her husband, Jesse, and her son, Aiden. They are such an ADORABLE family and I can't wait to take photos of the new little baby peanut. 
Congrats you guys!! <3


Congrats to Danielle and her beautiful family! I can't wait for baby shower, newborn and all the other incredible photos to come :) 

If you're interested in booking a shoot, please email me at for more info. I look forward to hearing from you.

<3 Sarah Ann, photog